Avountes is a group of people who want to change the whole sports environment. We hope that through our efforts, Taiwan's amateur basketball will be more sophisticated. We have seen the land of Taiwan, there is too much love for basketball, but no way to gather together. In the far-reaching online world, let the emotions scattered around the place be established step by step and becomes unique Street basketball culture in Taiwan.

Avountes hopes to establish a "match and integration" community platform "PickUps", with innovative "gamification" mode such as competitive rankings, points, missions...etc., while using "smart courts" to collect and analyze player abilities and team comprehensive data. The "Big Data" is built to provide a system for amateur basketball players to experience professional basketball levels and more competitive games.

PickUps can solve the problems such as:
✓ Find someone to team up online.
✓ Check levels/records of specific team or player.
✓ Understand your own 'Circle of Competence.'
✓ Pros going to China, loosing talents.
✓ Got talents, but need a stage to shine.
✓ Career points/stats never been recorded.
✓ Many idle courts in Taiwan.






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